Concept モデルのコンセプト

A box-shaped boston bag VIAGGIO is designed for both men and women with excellent functionality. The fireman uniform turns what could be a simple backpack into something special and unique. No two bags are ever the same.


Design モデルのデザインについて


The khaki fireman uniform from Nagoya city is known as a rare color among fireman uniforms in Japan. The color has a vintage and military feel that add to your sense of fashion and ruggedness. For men and women.


The fireman uniform of NV series from Kawasaki city combines vintage and urban looks and is potentially easier to coordinate compared to the other series. Deep navy harkens to the days of the working man’s denim. The material is highly durable and relishes in the functionality of aramid fabric and future work ahead.

BE/Toyota vintage

The beige fireman uniform from Toyota city was retired in 2015 due to a major design change the following year. This is the very last chance to have the previous Toyota city fireman uniform. Warm sand beige and lattice-shaped yellow beige make and impressive casual look with orange reflector, there really is nothing like it.

OR/Hyper rescue

This iconic orange color is made for rescue task forces here in Japan. The rich marmalade is easy to distinguish in emergency areas and rescue situations. Numbers are limited as this is a rare uniform to get a hold of.


Lifestyle おすすめコーディネート

For daily use and weekend causal style. It creates a unique and smart impression that fits with casual and business occasions, bringing with it ecological awareness.


Exterior 外装の機能・デザインについて

Pockets from the uniform are used in their original form. Drink bottles, a wallet, a tablet– all can be stored with ease. Raw aramid fabric is waterproof, flame-resistant and ultra light.


Interior 内装の機能・デザインについて

100% cotton canvas matches with fireman uniform. Several pockets are available such as the back pocket for a laptop or tablet.


Size 大きさ・容量について

A good overnight or short trip bag, able to accommodate necessary things like A4 documents, a big laptop, rain gear, and practically whatever else.

* Male Model / 180cm
* Female Model / 160cm


Others その他の特徴

Japanese warm brown tanned leather is used with firefighter bags. And just like in real life, the more experience you give it, the more character it will have.


Spec スペック

W360×H260×D160 (mm)


Aramid, Bull Leather & Cotton

Exterior fastener pocket×1 Interior pocket ×3 Fire & Water-resistant


Material 素材について

The firefighter’s uniform is tough and durable to protect against disaster. After roughly two years it is then replaced due to strict quality standards in place for protective clothing. As this uniform is based on aramid fabric which is used in bulletproof vests, it is incredibly strong and durable. Even after its roll as a protective uniform has ended, MODECO gives this fabric a new narrative as a bag with superb functionality highlighting flame-resistant and waterproof qualities.


Production 製造について

Collection, washing, disassembly, cutting, repairing and building are all done in Japan. The fireman uniform requires more processes for production. Long lead times to produce a one of a kind product means mass production isn’t possible. All series are limited.

Social Issues

Social Issues この素材が抱える社会問題

This firefighter’s uniform collection started as a new design line born from a collaboration with the Fire Department of the city of Nagoya in 2013. This was the world’s first joint up-cycle design effort combining both public (city) and private (fashion brand) sectors.

This sustainable cooperation encourages reducing public industrial waste as well as promoting the public sector’s approach in environmental friendliness.

Three other cities joined the collaboration in 2016. Firefighter’s uniforms from these cities have different designs and colors depending on where they come from. Additional unique selections are expected to launch soon.