We live in an era where our essential values our lost in a society of mass consumption built upon abundant waste. MODECO focuses on the important things. It holds value on a style that reflects a "less is more" concept, which connects to an even more fulfilling way of life.

"Such a Waste.”

Everything began from that simple idea. In the midst of overproduction, overconsumption, and excess waste; MODECO is the simple desire to make something with materials and resources that should still be usable.

The potential of each material is drawn out by removing all wasteful elements, and making straightforward use of the material's charm itself.

Also, it is because of this abundant consumer society, that we value design that reflects people's interiority all the more.

Mind The Minimal

The true nature of the environmental design that MODECO visualises, is not a lifestyle of producing, but discovering the important things through a simple way of thinking. We propose a sustainable fashion that cultivates will and individuality, which emerge with the pruning of excess things.

Environmental Design

With upcycling that uses resources that have lost their value as a base, MODECO's items utilise things like industrial waste, and overproduction is prohibited for all our products. In addition, we are proposing environmental design that responds to the societal issues that change according to era and area, by aiming for public awareness and resolution.