Seat belt is a strong material designed to protect life in the event of an accident. It is disposed of if industrial tests fail to ensure a 2-ton weight stress test, even if only slightly. The durability is more than enough for a bag and uniqueness of the material, such as fold line and texture, are well reflected in its structure and design.

Several seat belts must be used to make a single bag. The entire process involves our craftsmen choosing the best belts to make a final design. One by one, seat belts are matched, laid and stitched together to give shape to the specific model being made.

Because this collection takes two to three times longer than other bag production times, mass production is not possible. The whole process is exclusively handmade by craftsmen

A great amount of waste produced in the world is seat belt due to the massive automobile industry. Automobile manufacturers put each seat belt through high stress tests to ensure safety standards are met for the customer. If a failure is detected even slightly, the material will be discarded and unused. However even those failed materials have great specification and quality. MODECO gives them new life by incorporated their unique look, texture, and properties into your next bag.